Vacuum Cleaner NUNA Hello.. Meet
NUNA Ultimate7 series .
A Multi-function floor cleaner that simply changed the way you clean the house . Work as your reliable powerhouse, by Sweep, Mop, Dry
and Sterilise at the same time!

Nuna Ultimate 7 is different.

She’s reliable. She is made with more thoughtfulness
than setting up our little one’s surprise birthday party.

How Ultimate 7 Works .

We know, our biggest problem today is to protect ourselves from any potential allergic dust, bacteria, mites, viruses in our home that evolves in any forms, particularly in our home floor.

Nuna Ultimate 7 solves it. Using the two-tank water technology that splits up the dirty and clean water tank flow to make sure it soothes, disinfects and cleans your multi-floor surfaces using only the clean water with your preferred disinfect solutions. Not to mix all the water together just like we did in our Traditional mopping bucket.


Not only that, she also brings along her big power UVC Lamp to kill 99.9% of germs and any unnecessary particles on the surface of your floor just like a Jedi in your favourite StarWars movie.

So smart, she makes cleaning job even more fun and easy .

She speaks when she must, through a built-in voice command.

The smart sensor will inform you when the dirty water is full or the clean water has run out, battery is in critical mode, any object holds up the brush in her LED screen for real time monitoring.

We know she’s probably one of the hottest floor-cleaners ever .

Look at her toned muscles, she’s gonna clean it like she really meant it!

And yes, she will always be your center of attention in any area of your home.

100% Nuna Official Warranty
will back you up .

We take that responsibility seriously.
That’s why we provide an industry-leading warranty, including:
One-Year Warranty

Should something happen with your Nuna, no worries you’re covered.

Wide Warranty Coverage

Wider warranty coverage areas will reach your city gradually from time to time.

The Nuna Promise

Honestly clean, vacuum and sterilise your home floor from an honest company.

Make NUNA Ultimate 7
Yours TODAY .

Cleaning, washing and sterilising your home floor right from your fingertips.

Unleash her beautiful power and let her….

Make your Day .

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